One world - one multitude - Photo: © Matthew Thayer

MEERLUST helps to support the Oceans. 

Please join actively, 
for a better future 
for all of us!

Oceans & More

We are actively supporting our oceans, for example with an information blog on facebook, with beach cleanups on a regular basis, information evenings and small private events.

We recomment to our guests to go whale watching in the Strait of Gibraltar with a responsible foundation, This is a beautiful excursion between two continents and there is a lot to learn about the local ocean-mammals.

Our oceans form more 70% of our planet‘s surface. They are responsible for the production of most of our oxigen, no matter where we are.

About 80% of all the organizms of the Earth live in our Oceans. Because we don't see them all the time does not mean that they don't exist.

In general, we know very little about our oceans. Over fishing and pollution are leading to a collapse of the vital ecosystems under water.

We are dedicating ourselves to more awareness and more protection of the oceans.

Because our survival and our health depends on the health of our oceans.

Please join us, every voice is important in making a difference.

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